Saturday, May 4, 2013

I spent most of my spare time this past winter (2012-13) framing
a "room within a room"

The control room became a disaster.

James Salls - my "go to professional" for this entire project came in and
helped me frame the ceiling in 2 days.

New Years Eve 2012 - at 11:45PM we did some gang vocals
for Graveyard Lovers.

Daryl and I spent 2 days listening to metal and insulating the new room.

I brought in a professional dry wall team to hang 5/8" drywall.  February 2013

We had a weekend painting party.  


In order to re-finish the floors, I had to mount the drum riser on wheels.
Climbing under there was terrifying.

Cleaning the floors.

Sand the floors.

Wax on wax off.

Re-installed lighting and mounted locally built Enerjoy Radiant Heating.
Super Efficient, super cool looking.

Moving stuff in and around to make space and keep working.

Daryl helped me install and stain all the trim.

Iso booth build.

With 3 or so pieces left to nail in, I shot myself with the nail gun
and had to take a week off.

drywalling the iso.

install and stain the final pieces of trim.

Installed card catalog / mic drawers.

Got some new toys (Adam a8x and Mackie HR824s)

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