Monday, August 1, 2011

InAeona session and More Gear

I keep waiting to post pictures once the studio is all cleaned up.  but the more time passes, the more I realize that this living breathing space isn't ever going to be "clean".  So when InAeona was here last weekend working on a split, their bassist Dave took some sweet photos for me.

We've had bands in pretty steadily all Summer and have been making hits and BBQing like crazy.  it's been a great first season for the studio and I couldn't be happier with the resulting recordings that have been coming out of here.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

PM1000 & Junius recording session

Junius doing some pre production
Vintage Yamaha PM1000 - the newest addition to the studio

Thursday, March 10, 2011

building a subkick & desktop racks/speaker stands

last weekend I built a subkick clone (a device that records low frequencies really well) from a spare 10" speaker and an old racktom.  I figured while I was at it I should probably work on my desktop racks/speaker stands.  why not right?  I used all existing materials, adding only 2 sheets of steel and foam to decouple the speakers ($30), and 4 rack rails to mount the gear ($30). now it almost looks like a studio - the mixing console comes next!

first session

a couple weekends ago engineer James Dunham tracked drums for an upcoming Junius split.  Dana Filloon came in and finished it in one night.  Engineer Daryl Rabidoux, James and I went through all the channels of the snake, patch bays and all the outboard gear to make sure everything was working and managed to dial in some pretty amazing sounds.  A great first session that is a sign of things to come. photo taken Feb 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011


After over a year in the making, Radar Studios will be opening it's doors in April, 2011!  Please check back and stay in touch for a complete gear list, engineers who will be working here, our past clients and discographies along with plenty of other fun details. 

Below, you'll find a ton of photos along with descriptions of the complete studio build to date.  I plan on doing my best to keep up with this blog as we add more and continue work on the studio.

cleaning up and moving in

I finally started getting the live room organized in order to make a usable space and figure out where to build iso rooms, floating drum floor, etc.  In the control room I've put a refurbished iMac, a found desk chair and coffee table, and a used couch from Craigslist.  most gear will be used / modded / b-stock / refurbished to maintain the sustainable aesthetic.  A full gear list to come soon, as I'm still buying and installing things.  Photos taken the last week of January 2011.

bass traps!

Between snow storms, James Dunham and I designed the bass traps and built them using recycled wood and spray foam.  I hung them all over the next few days and installed all the trim in the control room as well. Mid January, 2011.

a mess, a snowstorm, trim and bass traps

the snowstorm really slowed me down and the mess started to pile up.  I did manage to get all the trim cut and painted. January 2011

more painting

I finished painting, stained all the wood black and polyurethaned everything with low VOC products.  The desk was built with a found countertop that I sanded and refinished.  These photos were taken the first week of January 2011.

sheet rocking, mudding, flooring, lighting

when i got home, I went right to work on 'finishing' everything.  once again my father stepped in to help with the flooring because I had no idea how to do it.  I went on to finish the dry walling, install lights and start painting.  all the wood used was reused and I mixed together leftover cans of paint until i arrived at colors I liked.  these photos were taken the last week of December, 2010.