Thursday, March 10, 2011

building a subkick & desktop racks/speaker stands

last weekend I built a subkick clone (a device that records low frequencies really well) from a spare 10" speaker and an old racktom.  I figured while I was at it I should probably work on my desktop racks/speaker stands.  why not right?  I used all existing materials, adding only 2 sheets of steel and foam to decouple the speakers ($30), and 4 rack rails to mount the gear ($30). now it almost looks like a studio - the mixing console comes next!

first session

a couple weekends ago engineer James Dunham tracked drums for an upcoming Junius split.  Dana Filloon came in and finished it in one night.  Engineer Daryl Rabidoux, James and I went through all the channels of the snake, patch bays and all the outboard gear to make sure everything was working and managed to dial in some pretty amazing sounds.  A great first session that is a sign of things to come. photo taken Feb 2011