Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Long Overdue Photo Update

Pouring footings for the new deck.
step 2.

step 3


then we had a hurricane and we didn't have electricity for over a week.

So I did some landscaping using found materials and dumped 5 tons of locally sourced rock to make a walkway for the studio.

Now there's lots of guitar amps here.

Daryl and I re-racked everything into one giant space.  Lots of outboard compressors, pres and processing options now. 

I finally painted the outside of the control room!

More new amps and cabs.

Obligatory nerdy Star Wars photo.

I've started the 2nd stage of soundproofing in the live room by building another frame inside the room.


The entire room will be done in sections.  The first one is a huge shelving unit built into the wall.  

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